Infertility: Pelvic Pain And Endometriosis

Infertility: Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

Infertility: Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

Higher levels of estrogen increase the risk of breast  The Menopause Myth Review diseases caused by the rapid growth of cells in the mammary glands. The consumption of whole grains can cut this risk, by helping regulate the levels of estrogen in the blood. Grains are also a good source of iodine that stimulates the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland and promotes easy maturity and release of eggs.

Red fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals (chemical compounds produced naturally in plants) that effectively inhibit the growth of gynecological tumor cells while reducing their responsiveness to estrogen. Include red apples, red peppers, onions, grapes, and other red fruits in your diet to reap the benefits of this wonder nutrient.

Soy: Soy products effectively regulate the secretion of the endocrine glands - hormones that regulate the function of the reproductive system as well as control metabolism and growth. Milk, tofu, soya seeds, soy sauce, etc can effectively regulate the estrogen level in the body and help maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Bananas: Bananas contain a high content of vitamin B6 that can effectively stabilize nerves and alleviate pain during menstruation.
Calcium: Calcium-rich foods such as milk and yogurt help prevent ovarian diseases and control the growth of cancer cells.
Folic acid: Food rich in folic acid, such as animal liver, spinach, cabbage, leeks, fish, eggs, and cereal can effectively prevent and reduce the chances of cervical cancer.


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