Do Not Pay Attention Only To Your Fat Intake

Do Not Pay Attention Only to Your Fat Intake

Do Not Pay Attention Only to Your Fat Intake

The number one most common New Year resolution KouTea Review  is to lose weight, since most people from Thanksgiving up to New Year have gained at least a few extra pounds. Most people fail to keep their resolution because the extra effort and time required for them to lose that weight isn't so freely available. There's that pressing need to tackle unfinished jobs and overtime work after the holidays.

They don't get to eat the right kind of food at the most appropriate time. There's not much time to get into a regular exercise routine with all the work backlogs that need to be accomplished. These just add up to an already progressing increased weight challenge.

Why is it that people tend to gain more weight during the holiday season than at any other time. Aside from all the eating, drinking and partying that comes with the holiday festivities, a variety of factors such as stress levels, irregular sleep and smoking patterns contribute to a higher tendency to put on weight during the holidays.

Having to meet year end deadlines at work, all the shopping, party planning and attending to guests can cause the body's metabolism to go haywire. Sleep patterns are upset and you lose a lot during the holidays, which slows down metabolism or cause you to eat more. Researchers found that there are only two key factors that cause holiday weight gain. hunger levels and activity levels.


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