Why You Need To Get A Second Opinion For Foot Pain

Why You Need to Get a Second Opinion For Foot Pain

Why You Need to Get a Second Opinion For Foot Pain

Running barefoot along Ocean Beach,Migraine Care ReviewBelinda tripped and felt a slight pop in her right foot. She was worried because she had been training for a triathlon. So she went to the Emergency Room the next day, just to make sure everything was alright. "Just a sprain," she was told by the E.R. doctor. A week later, she sat in the foot surgeon's office saying, "I know I'm not a doctor, but I just think it's worse than a sprain."

I looked at her X-rays and she was right. Her foot was broken. The pain on the top of her foot was coming from a subtle foot fracture called a Lisfranc's injury. An injury to the top of the foot that doesn't typically heal on its own. She was simply not going to get better without surgery.

This story sounds far-fetched by is frighteningly commonplace. One study, that won an award from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, on foot fracture patterns showed that Primary Care Physicians and Emergency Room Physicians missed 98.4% of the radiographic abnormalities that were actually visible on the x ray films that indicate this kind of injury pattern. Another ground-breaking study in 2004 from the University of Utah School of Medicine showed that subtle frequently misdiagnosed ankle fractures are actually 10 times more common than previously thought.

The problem is that many patients with foot pain or injury seek treatment from whichever doctor will see them the quickest. Often this is their Primary Care physician who is willing to work them in to a busy schedule just because they are already familiar with the person. Another likely place to go is the Emergency Room.



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