Importance Of Field Employee Monitoring App


Importance of Field Employee monitoring app


What is a field employee monitoring app?

Field employee monitoring app is used to record employee’s key performance in sales, client meeting updates, distance traveled history, attendance. This application is GPS-based also a very flexible way for the manager to check an employee’s work status.

Features of Field Employee monitoring app

  1. Sales employee monitoring app is used for monitoring day-to-day work activities and to increase productivity.
  2. It’s easy for the manager to check the live-work activities of field employees
  3. This also helps the business increase leads in the business and keeps track of your follow-ups and customer insight.
  4. This sales management software builds transparency between employees and managers.
  5. All the data are encrypted and can be download later.
  6. Managers can also set Geo-fence zones to limit employees' movement in real-time.  

Importance of Field Employee monitoring app

Every company wants to increase their sales and it’s very important to keep track of your employees where you can easily monitor their work performance. Also, it saves a lot of time, effort and also error-free records. This employee monitoring software is used to check the live location and work activities during the visit at the client's place and easily track claims, starting from expense claims submission, approval, reimbursement, and reporting. This also helps to manage your attendance and leaves from the client’s workplace.

Every company wants to increase their sales which is only possible if you’ll monitor your employees' performance. Whether the organization is big or small, one person can easily monitor everyone’s activities and update meetings. Travelize is a web-based & mobile app used by any organization to keep track of all work activities. This lead management software is cloud-based provides optimized solutions to all businesses.
Now the biggest question is how much it cost. This app can be customized as per the workforce. We have four different plans along with different features. For more visit our website

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